Conceive Plus 75ml/2.5 fl.oz + 16 Applicators **2 Months Supply**

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Ready for a baby?

CONCEIVE PLUS® Fertility Lubricant is for use by all couples who have decided to have a baby, and also couples who have been trying to get pregnant for a while. CONCEIVE PLUS® increases the chances of getting pregnant naturally by maintaining sperm motility and sperm viability so that the little swimmers have a better chance of reaching and fertilizing the egg. With ions essential for the process of fertilization, CONCEIVE PLUS® is the right choice when you are ready for a baby!

We suggest using both the tube for external application (for him) and the pre-filled applicators for intra-vaginal application 10-15 mins before sexual intercourse.


Conceive Plus® is the only fertility-safe personal lubricant that contains Calcium and Magnesium ions. These ions essential for cell viability and the process of fertilization.
The personal lubricant that is "safe for couples trying to conceive"
Gynecologist / Doctor Recommended and sold in more than 60 countries
Supports fertility naturally, Contains calcium and magnesium ions essential for the process of fertilization
Only product cleared by FDA as gamete, fertilization and embryo compatible
Formulated for positive results - Supporting fertility naturally!
Conceive Plus® was formulated by doctors and is designed for use by all couples who want to have a baby.

Scientifically formulated to match fertile cervical liquid and sperm, enhance sexual activity and increase the likelihood of conception. Conceive Plus® fertility lubricant is pH and electrolyte balanced to imitate the body’s own natural fluids. Safe for sperm survival, viability and motility and safe for embryo development. A published study shows sperm safety.

Clinical Data published by the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE October 2009. FDA cleared and allowed to claim "Safe for use by couples trying to conceive".

Conceive Plus® is a personal lubricant, for penile and/or vaginal application, intended to moisturize and lubricate, to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity and supplement the body’s natural lubrication. Conceive Plus® is compatible with sperm, oocytes, and embryos and can be used by couples trying to conceive. This product can be used in fertility interventions to facilitate entry of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the vaginal cavity. Conceive Plus® is compatible with natural latex and polyurethane condoms. This product is not for use with synthetic polyisoprene condoms.


Conceive Plus 2.5 fl.oz Tube

Apply a teaspoon size amount prior to intercourse and re-apply as required during. For use by both him and her. Safe for daily use. Conceive Plus® Multi-use Tube may be used in conjunction with Conceive Plus® Pre-filled Applicators for intra-vaginal application.

Conceive Plus 16x Pre-Filled Applicators

Remove applicator from box, do not use if tamper evident tab is broken. Hold applicator narrow end facing upwards, twist off the tab and discard. Gently insert the narrow end of the applicator deep into the vagina and squeeze the bulb end 2-3 times to deposit Conceive Plus® into the vaginal cavity.

Remove while continuing to squeeze the bulb end and discard. Each applicator is for single use only and cannot be stored after opening or reused. May be applied 10-15 minutes prior to sexual activity to allow moisture to disperse throughout the vagina. Each applicator contains 4 grams of Conceive Plus®. We suggest using Conceive Plus® multi-use tube if additional moisture is required or use another applicator. Conceive Plus® Multi-use Tube may be used in conjunction with Conceive Plus® Pre-filled Applicators for intra-vaginal application.


Use as directed. This product does not harm sperm, or hinder sperm movement.
11 reviews
  • Fantastic amazing and really does work
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    Have never written a review on anything before but I truly believe this works. We were trying for nearly two years and no luck. First month of using conceive plus and we conceived 😍😍 99.9% believe it was down to using this 😊 now nearly half way through pregnancy 😀😀 By Customer on 21 May 2016

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
  • 2 pregnancies!
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    My sister in law and I both got pregnant quickly using this lubricant (only took a month for me!) can't be a coincidence! Would recommend this to anyone. By Simone Ackrill on 12 September 2016

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
  • Five Stars
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    Never really know if it helps but I did concieve first time using it so worth a try! :) By mitch on 7 May 2016

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
  • Had been TTC for 7 months highly recommend. I used this in conjuction with the small ...
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    Worked the first month of use! Had been TTC for 7 months highly recommend. I used this in conjuction with the small tubes also. By kayleigh owen on 19 July 2016

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
  • FAB!!!!!
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    Me and my partner were trying for 6 months with no luck:( first month trying this and i'm now 6 weeks pregnant yeeeey!! go buy!!xxx By Sasha on 20 July 2016

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
  • Reduced fertility overcome in the 1st month of use!!!!
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    At 33 and after 14 months of ttc myself and my husband were officially classified as having reduce fertility and had begun testing to find the cause. Our initial tests came back normal for both of us. This was reassuring but also left us with unexplained reduced fertility. Then I discovered this wonderful product! I had monitored my cm for several months and had noted that I only tended to have about a day of the egg white variety and if this was not timed well with my ovulation we could be failing to get past the first hurdle. Therefore, I thought that this could explain our reduced fertility and that this product may help us. We do not tend to use lubricant so were using this product purely for its reproductive qualities. I have access to single use sterile syringes and applied 5-10ml of the product internally 30min before sex during my key fertile days as I assumed external use would do little to help and buying both products seemed excessive. Not going to lie, this process is a bit of a passion killer (due to the process not the lubricant itself which is quite pleasant) but on the 1st month of adding this to our ttc effort with no other supplements we have a positive!!! Obviously I can not be sure that it was the lubricant but after 14 months ttc without it, with no positive pregnancy test and 1 month with and success it certainly is some coincidence! And one that a lot of other people seem to share. It is still very early (1st few weeks) but we are delighted to know that we can conceive naturally after fearing the worst. If like me you suspect that your cm may not be providing the optimal environment, I would highly recommend this product! It seems to have worked for us and though it may not work for everyone dependent on the cause of any reduced fertility it is certainly worth a shot before considering more invasive options. By loudoc on 3 January 2015

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
  • Magic!!
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    Mother of 4 year old girl, and 8 months after 2 miscarriages of trying to conceive, I bought 2 tubes of this,it does dry out quick, by the time me and my partner was onto the 2nd tube I found out I was pregnant, now I'm 13 weeks +4 and my scan was perfectly fine, I'd say try this because it is worth it that's a promise :) By Morgan-ava on 20 July 2014

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
  • Worked for us!!
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    We had been trying for three months and foolishly I thought because of my age it would be effortless to fall pregnant. We had both abstained from caffeine and alcohol prior to trying and I had started prenatal tablets but we had no joy. I hadn't heard of conceive plus before but I noticed the high ratings on here and thought it was cheap enough to give a whirl! We used it without an applicator during my ovulation window and sure enough a week later I got a positive result. Who knows whether this lubricant did the job or if it was just the right time! I would recommend giving this a try if you have been trying for over three months and you are becoming disheartened '! Its important to just relax when you are trying for a baby, if you are stressed your chances for conceiving will be much lower because your body senses that there is too much threat and danger to allow you to carry a child. Good luck to you all! By Flg123 on 22 November 2016

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
  • AMAZING!!!!
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    Perfect! It worked the very first time. By Customer on 15 March 2017

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
  • Maybe it was nothing to do with this stuff. ...
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    Maybe it was nothing to do with this stuff... but after a LONG struggle (like, years) - BAM! First month. By Claire B on 30 August 2014

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
  • We conceived after 3rd cycle of using Conceive Plus :-)
    Reviewed bySasmar Pharmaceuticals

    My husband and I used the Conceive Plus lubricant (75ml) for the very first time. I must say, it is a great lubricant! No irritation (for me or my husband), works great on days of vaginal dryness. I applied a small amount on hubby and myself just before the intercourse. Then on the days when you are not dry (e.g. when having plenty of fertile cervical mucus, use just a little! ). Key benefits of the Conceive Plus lubricant are • FDA cleared safe for couples trying to conceive • Compatible with sperm, oocytes and embryo development • pH balanced and Isotonic to mimic fertile fluids • Contains Calcium & Magnesium Ions • A Published study shows sperm safety. * Safe for daily use! Good luck ladies with baby-dancing. God bless xx By Katka on 16 January 2016

    (Posted on 25 May, 2017 )
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